Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sierra has a good week.

This has been an eventful year so far. The girls walking and putting on weight, doctor's, doctor's and more doctors, and all we have discovered has made this a rather interesting year.

On Wednesday, we had another foot doctor's appointment (how could you have guessed, right? LOL). The best part is that we got to show the doctor that Sierra is now walking. Not like you would expect from someone that has worn her shoes on the wrong feet (on purpose) all of her life. She is doing so well. Still looks a little like a drunk duck, but what can I say, it's cute.

Anyway, the doctor was able to give us some great news, I truly did not see it coming. We will not have to buy her another pair of corrective shoes. Her next pair can be regular shoes, and worn on the correct feet. I know it sounds like no big deal, but the doctors had said a minimum of 2 years to wear the corrective shoes. Our baby just proved them wrong.... Big time. Its amazing... She's amazing. It is funny, I did not cry then, but I am now. I am just so proud of her. Everything she has been through, how hard she has fought, and she gets to get out of the shoes.

Then, while we were there, when he told her that she could get out of the shoes, she did her drunk duck walk over to him sitting on his stool and gives his leg a hug. She had a huge smile on her face and just gave me that look that said, "See mommy, I did it again. I beat another record, I proved another prediction wrong". How can you not be proud of her? She truly is amazing.

Sierra has had so many battles, and she still has 2 more to beat. I know she will, but I am still a mommy. I will worry until they are behind us. Good news has been a long time coming, and it sure is sweet. It truly makes me feel proud to be her mommy. I have a little girl that reminds me to keep a smile on and fight, and you can accomplish anything. She definitely gives me that kick in the face, because when I think I can't fight on, I just think of her, her battles, her spirit, and I am reminded that she has overcome so much, and she is still fighting and enjoying every second she gets.

She hardly ever complains, she almost always has a smile on. And she wants to try, and get into, everything. She is curious, she is determined, she is what she was named after. Sierra. The mountains in California, beautiful, strong, resilient. She is my hero.

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